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Default config of IIS 7 does not include ASP or ASP.Net?

When installing IIS onto vista or windows 7 in “Turn Windows features on or off” dialogue you might for example click on the root tree “Internet Information Servcies” to indicate your wish to install all sub components and features, however clicking on the root of the tree is not enough as you actually have to drill down to find the web development sub tree open that and then select the leaf nodes for (and ASP if you need it).

Really non intuitive tree control, i understand that it is giving me a recommended configuration rather than installing everything which very few users will need, but i think the design of the control is not obvious.

Visual Studio – multiple instances of development web server

In Visual Studio (2005, 2008 & 2010), if you have multiple web projects in a solution a separate instance of the development web server “Cassini” is launched for each web project when debugging. If you are only debugging a single web project all these instances are probably unnecessary. Setting a single startup project in the solution properties menu does not solve this issue, instead you have to explicitly stop each web project from launching a server instance. This is done through the properties grid in the properties window (View -> Properties Window) for the web project not through the Properties menu (right click on web project -> properties) (someone please give me  a good reason why there are 2 properties menus).

In the properties grid for the project you want to exclude, simply change the “Always Start When Debugging” property to False. This prevents a server instance being created for that web project, rinse and repeat for other projects you don’t care about.

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