VS 2008 debug Script Documents

A really annoying issue that can arise in VS 2008 if your attempting to debug a site with a lot of javascript (which comes for free with the AJAX toolkit ;) is you get a new node in the solution explorer detailing each little piece of javascript that is loaded just in case you need to debug it. This is great and all but it looks like nobody tested this with a production size site because anything more than a small amount of JS and it slows to a crawl.

There does not appear to be a solution in VS 2008 for this, you are basically back to hacking the registry to disable script debugging.

Open a command prompt and type;

reg add HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\VisualStudio\9.0\AD7Metrics\Engine\{F200A7E7-DEA5-11D0-B854-00A0244A1DE2} /v ProgramProvider /d {4FF9DEF4-8922-4D02-9379-3FFA64D1D639} /f

See here for more;


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