Dell Latitude On Reader Password Problem

Just a few quick notes on the Dell Latitude On Reader program that Dell is now shipping with its Latitude range. First there is a significant difference between “Latitude On Reader” and “Latitude On”. Latitude On Reader is a software download you can get from the dell support site. Install it and, run the setup program that is installed (note this these are separate steps for some reason) and then if you have the Latitude On button in your laptop when you press the button you will be booted into the Latitude On Reader mini OS. Latitude On, however, appears to be a hardware component (a system on a chip) which when released by Dell will allow access to not just the email, calendar and contacts that you get with the Reader but also web browsing and some other goodies. Anyway enough about poor naming of Dells products and more about the title of the post. When you setup Latitude On Reader (and presumably Latitude On) you are asked to enter a password. Unfortunately you do this in the setup program which you run from windows using the keyboard configuration of the windows install. Can anybody see where this is going ;) The Latitude On Reader when asking for the password appears to ignore the keyboard layout of the main windows install and instead offers only the US keyboard layout which is a slight problem if you used another keyboard layout to enter the password and used (as everybody should) some special characters to make the password more secure. There may be some way to configure the correct keyboard layout in the Latitude On Reader however my limited searches have not turned up anything yet.

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