Visual studio generating health monitoring events

Had a real Homer Simpson moment this morning, when I started getting a whole load of health monitoring email messages from my web server saying the an application was shutting down, that we had a compile error and generally the web application was falling apart. After racing to load the site in my browser I was relieved but confused that the site was live and everything seemed ok. Then I looked at the health monitoring messages only to find that they were originating not from the IIS web server but from a colleagues development machine. What was happening was that we had setup the web.config file for the application in question to send health monitoring emails from an account on the web server. What I had not realised is that the web server included with visual studio is also capable of sending these health monitoring events, so when my colleague started working on the application visual studios web server started sending me emails about what my colleague was doing. This is not a major problem except that it can cause a few panic attacks and might lead to a real health monitoring message being ignored. The solution is to deactivate health monitoring when developing a site and only enable when deploying to the server.

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