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eclipse “organise imports” broken

After installing the EPIC Perl IDE the eclipse key combination CTRL+Shift+O for invoking the organize imports command no longer worked. Traced the problem to a new key binding that is setup by EPIC for one of the tiny HTML commands. This key binding CTRL+Shift+O is by default active when editing text, unfortunately this seems to be applicable for when editing java also. To fix change the assignment from editing text to editing perl (note you have to delete the existing assignment and create a new one to change the assignment).

Java Regular Expression Viewers for Eclipse

I know its like getting hit on the head with the blindingly obvious but there seem to be a few for viewers similar to that which comes with the EPIC Perl plug in for evaluating Java regular expressions also. Have no idea how I missed out on these and how one has not yet become part of the default eclipse build. However useful a Perl RE viewer is a Java RE viewer is worth its weight in gold considering the little complexities of the Java RE syntax.

EPIC – Eclipse Perl Integration

You probably already have seen this, but dude this has come a long way since I last saw it. Still a bit rough around the edges on the ui side of things but functionally it’s a great free perl ide. The ability to use the standard eclipse debugging views is really cool as is the regular expression evaluation view. You need to install the PadWalker module to use the debugging functionality but you can install that straight from the ActivePerl package manager if thats your flavor.

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