Tokyo Day 2

Some more shots from Tokyo mainly from the Imperial Gardens and also some from the 43rd floor of the Federal Government buildings in Shinjuku. Note if you are going to Tokyo you might be tempted to pay to go up the Tokyo Tower to get a view of the city, in my view this is a waste of money. The Federal Government building in Shinjuku has two observation decks that are free to the public and in my opinion give a more interesting view of the city. The Tokyo tower is epically not worth it if your looking for night shots of the city as 1 its not in a very interesting part of the city and 2 the internal lights in the tower really interfere with night time shots. In its favour is that the tower is not surrounded by any other tall buildings and so your view of Tokyo is not obstructed, however this also means that the tower is in a really out of the way part of the city and is not that accessible.

Tokyo Imperial Gardens

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